Choosing the right paint protector

Maintaining your car’s appearance can be done by protecting the exterior paint coat for maximum visual appeal. Everyone enjoys a car that sparkles when the sun hits it and keeping your car looking good can be easily accomplished by choosing the right paint protector.

Which paint protector to select

There are different types of paint protectors to select from and the two main options are paint sealers and carnauba wax. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be examined to decide which choice is suitable for your particular vehicle.

Carnauba Wax Paint Protection

Carnauba wax is by far one of the most popular choices when it comes to putting a glossy shine on the vehicles exterior while also protecting the outer layer of paint. Even if your car has a clear gloss paint coat on the outside, this gloss is still a paint gloss that needs to be maintained through regular conditioning and protection. Carnauba wax is an excellent choice for doing just that. It is a popular option for owners of collection and vintage cars who want their vehicle to have a deep shine that easily reflects light from all angles. This paint protection is ideal because it is an organic substance and very breathable which helps to maintain the quality of the paint underneath. One of the main disadvantages to using wax is that it does not last longer than 6 to 8 weeks. This time period can vary depending on whether or not the car is kept in a garage as well as the outside climatic conditions.

Paint Sealants

Paint sealants are another alternative for protecting the outside of your vehicle. The sealant is composed of polymers which when applied to the exterior of your vehicle forms a rigid outer coating that is durable and long lasting. Paint sealants can remain on the exterior of the vehicle for four to six months depending on how many elements the car is exposed to. The gloss is apparent after placing a paint sealant, however it differs from carnauba wax in that it has a more synthetic and artificial appearance. Being that the wax is an organic material while sealant is synthetically produced, this is to be expected. However, some carnauba wax enthusiasts will say that the difference in gloss is  one of the major drawbacks of using a paint sealant.

Choosing between the two options is solely a matter of preference. The factors to consider include  how long you would like the coating to last and what type of shine you would like to achieve. Those who refuse to choose can also opt to apply the paint sealant with a coating of carnauba wax on top for the ultimate shine.