How to market your car detailing or car wash business offline

Business owners interested in increasing their customer base will benefit by exploring their advertising options. There are many choices when it comes to advertising and offline methods still prove to be very effective. By investigating these options, business owners can uncover which methods are most effective and which ones yield the greatest return on investment.

Advertising with coupons

Offline methods that car detailing and car wash businesses have used include coupons. This is a very effective method that many brick and mortar businesses will do well to take advantage of. Coupons allow customers to try the service at a discount in order to determine whether or not they will become a long term customer. Statistics prove that once a customer has bought at least one time, they are likely to purchase again in the future. You can use this advertising method to bring in new customers that will stay for the long term.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages

An ad in the yellow pages is one of the more traditional methods business owners have used in the past. In recent times, this method has proven to have mixed results. For business owners with the budget to advertise in the Yellow Pages, it may be worth it to place an ad for the short term and gauge the results. If there are many phone calls placed due to the yellow page ad, then it is safe to say that this method has proven effective. Marketing and advertising are all about testing new methods and refining the ones that are proving to be profitable in order to get even better results.

Advertising with postcards

Direct mail is still one of the most effective offline methods available. WIth a car wash or car detailing business, a postcard mailing can help the business owner target their advertising by demographic and location. This method can also be combined with the coupon method in order to encourage new customers to try the service. Direct mail allows the business owner to track the effectiveness of their campaign by placing a code on the postcard that customers can use to redeem a special discount.

There are many advertising methods that can be used to promote a car wash or car detailing business. Exploring the choices that are available will prove to be very profitable with extensive long term results.

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