How To Upkeep Your Car Between Washes

It can be time consuming to take your car to the wash every few weeks or even to wash it at home. You need supplies such as buckets of water, soap, sponges, and squeegees, hoses and more. In addition, when the weather gets cold, it can be unpleasant to wash your car outside using water. This is where waterless washes make an ideal solution. Using a waterless wash to clean your car is very simple and can produce stunning results that rival that of professional washes.

What is a waterless car wash?

Waterless car washes are available in concentrated form as well as a ready made solution. It is essentially a lubricated solution that is applied using cloth and wiped off to create an effective cleaning process. Waterless car washes have many benefits including:

Convenience - They cut down on the time typically needed to remove dust, oil, dirt and debris.

Simple Cleanup - There is no need for a large collection of supplies and clean up is very easy.

Effective - Waterless car washes give you the same or better results than water based car washes.

These benefits alone are enough to consider this option the next time your car is ready for a cleaning. Some of the popular waterless car wash brands include Griot’s Garage Spray-On waterless car wash or Detailer’s Pro Series waterless car wash also available in concentrated form.

How to use the wash for best results

To use the waterless car wash for the best results, it is ideal to use a fresh and clean microfiber towel. The towel you select should have a deep nap for picking up and trapping dirt and debris. Using a thin towel with a more shallow nap will simply result in scratches to the paint’s exterior. Ideally, you should have several different micro fiber towels on hand for a complete and effective waterless car wash.

To begin, you will want to fold the towel into halves until there are eight available sides to use. Once all eight sides have been used, you can then move on to the next towel. You will be able to tell when it is time to switch sides if the towel becomes excessively dirty. When beginning to clean, it is best to start on top of the vehicle where there is less dirt and while cleaning, avoid using circular motions and instead wipe downwards.

A simple alternative cleaning method

A waterless car wash is a great alternative to using the typical methods. This option is convenient, effective and time saving. It is also a great way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle without the upkeep and expense of professional washes.